Miss Cocoa

September 10th, 1998

Cocoa had been struggling with a respiratory problem for some time and it finally got the better of her. Cocoa will be missed by all...we'll especially miss her quirky little habits like hiding under the bed or some other hard to reach place when it's time to go back in the cage. Most, I think we'll miss her affection and gratitude for the life we where able to give her.

Miss Cocoa came into our home about a year after Mina and B'Elanna. Cocoa was a rescue from a local pet store (no doubt snake food). We couldn't resist, we had to have her. She proved to be a bit difficult at first (seeing as we had to give her daily baths for nits) and I think she was generally untrusting of people (unlike the other girls). But Cocoa had changed quite a bit for the better in her last year. She would approach us and play with the other rats which was a vast improvement. While she was always a bit paranoid, and the word bath would always make her twitch a bit, I think her life was certainly better.

Nicknames: Miss Cocoa Puff, Puffer, Puff Weasel, Cocoa Monster, come out come out wherever you are..

All nestled into her summer cottage...
Cocoa liked to sleep in small confined spaces, I think it made her feel safe. She would occasionally try to sleep with Mina, but nothing good ever comes of that (see Mina's page). When she was not sleeping, or if she was out running, she was in Stealth Mode. Subsequently, she was always the last one to be put back in the cage (check out the nicknames above).
She simply must investigate everything...
Being our little paranoid rodent, she must check out everthing in her vacinity, and if you where in the middle of something (like cleaning the cage) she'll would come over to supervise and make sure nothing was going on that she didn't authorize...

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